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Oilfield Consultant Team

At RAW Oilfield Services LLC our goal is to assist Owner/Operators with their day-to-day field operations in a way that assures them maximum production and minimum lease operating expense.

We pride ourselves on having strong, solid relationships with our team of business partners.

RAW supplies experienced manpower staffing for the field. Our contractors are required to conduct themselves with professionalism, pride in work product, and dependability while operating in heightened safety mode from the moment they step on an Operator’s worksite.

Additionally, RAW offers reasonably priced rentals of manlifts and light plants which have been expertly maintained and pre-tested to ensure reliability prior to assignment to a worksite.

our advantages


RAW Oilfield Services management offers you more than 20 years of oilfield experience, from field operations to safety oversight and management. We ensure that our skillful resource of lease operators, well monitors, lease crews and gate guards are well-educated and experienced in oilfield operations and safety compliance. Many of our contract staff are bilingual in English and Spanish, and all contractors understand and respect the client/contractor working relationship.


RAW can provide manpower and/or rental equipment to the South Texas fields within 3 hours of your request. Our staff of field operators are available to work around the clock, plus we can augment your workforce during emergencies and unscheduled call-outs.


RAW offers you personnel and services you can trust. We respect your job, your property, your leadership and the laws, regulations and practices governing our working relationships. You can count on our proven integrity and our field experience to deliver a timely, safe and reliable work product. You can also expect excellent, dependable operation and cost-saving output from our rental equipment.

how we work

RAW will provide your requested expert field manpower or equipment onsite within 3 hours of contact, or as requested.

We can provide proof of general liability insurance upon request.

mission & values

RAW Oilfield Services LLC strongly endorses the character-strengthening attributes of what we like to call RISE – Reliability, Integrity, Service, and Expertise.

As workplace leaders we believe that adherence to these character aspects builds and sustains strong relationships. RAW will always RISE to the occasion to meet your needs and your expectations as evidenced by our reliability and our integrity, and we constantly RISE to help you grow your business through excellent service and expertise.

  • Reliability – We will do what we say we’re going to do, in a timely manner, and with a constancy of dependability.
  • Integrity – We will impress you with our honesty, our forthrightness, and our commitment to operating with transparency and within the confines of laws, rules, regulations and upright work practices.
  • Service - We will provide you with a fast turnaround of safe, excellently prepared resources, whether it be contract manpower or worksite rental equipment.
  • Expertise – We will assure you that the manpower we provide will be educated, skilled, and practiced in the oilfield business and will meet not only your expectations but also those of the land owners, the energy community and the State of Texas.

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