RAW Oil and Gas Field Services President

Alvaro Prieto - President

Serving as President of RAW Oilfield Services LLC is a privilege I’m proud to hold. I have an extensive background working in the oilfield myself, beginning as an ‘upstart’ young engineering graduate from Texas A&I ready to make my mark on the energy industry, and have more recently served as a production engineer and a safety engineer. I’ve worked dirty and I’ve worked clean – but that’s only from a physical aspect! I always believe in working clean from an ethical and principled standpoint. My work ethic is to always, and I do mean always, respect the client’s needs and expectations, respect the women and men who perform the work, respect the quality of the work product, respect the dangers of the equipment, respect the land you stand on and the environment you stand within, and finally, respect the rights of the land owners and mineral owners. I believe when you can provide service with a dedication to quality and respect, everyone wins!

how we work

RAW will provide your requested expert field manpower or equipment onsite within 3 hours of contact, or as requested.

We can provide proof of general liability insurance upon request.


(844) 4RAWOIL
(844) 472-9645

Mailing Address

P.O. BOX 16508
Sugar Land, TX 77496