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RAW Oilfield Services LLC is dedicated to working within the strongest constraints of worksite safety.

We put people first in every aspect of business we take on. In order to ensure the principle of putting people first as we implement a system of hazard management, we are unwavering in our selection of business partners. We will only do business with clients who maintain a stringent safety code. Likewise, we ensure that anyone who contracts with RAW meets not only RAW’s safety codes and requirements, but also those of our client.

RAW requires a respect for rules, regulations and healthy, honest work practices.

We require a respect for the land we work on and the air we breathe. We require a respect for looking out for one another. And, we require a respect for the equipment we work with and a dedication to properly maintaining and safely operating that equipment.

RAW ensures that representatives of our company will have completed training on all applicable OSHA safety standards for the job they will be performing.

Additionally they will be available to reinforce their safety awareness by participating in all ongoing worksite safety training.

Code of Safety Compliance

All team members indicate acceptance of RAW’s Code of Safety Compliance as set out in the 6 Pillars of Workplace Safety.

Safety is our
number one

The 6 Pillars of Workplace Safety


RAW team members will complete and provide evidence of all applicable OSHA-required training for the jobs they will be performing before stepping foot on the worksite. They will also attend all safety meetings and participate in any on-site health and safety training.

Safe Environment

RAW team members will be aware of the possible environmental hazards that are inherent with the jobs they perform. They are required to make every effort to protect themselves, the people they work with, the land, water and air they exist in and the property and equipment they are in contact with.


RAW team members agree to operate within the parameters of all client, landowner, local, state and federal standards of workplace safety.


RAW team members understand the importance of documentation of their worksite performance, whether operational or safety. They agree to take on the responsibility of documenting not only their work activities as required, but also providing documentation of any incidents or variances in procedures.


RAW team members believe in open communication at the worksite and pledge to keep others informed of their actions and to call out unsafe actions by way of a Stop Work Facility to ensure a safe workplace for everyone.

People First

RAW team members commit to the tenet that People Come First in every aspect of their work. The safety of every coworker is not merely considered but seriously integrated before all other functions of their work begin.


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