what we offer

Consulting Services

At RAW we take a personal approach to consulting, considering your needs and pairing them flawlessly with our experienced team. RAW’s consultants are available on a 24-hour basis to discuss your needs or your concerns, and you will receive our experience and guidance throughout our working relationship.

Manpower Services

RAW can provide our clients with Facilities Operators, Lease Crews, Pumpers/Relief Pumpers/Lease Operators, Well Monitors, Safety Men and Gate Guards. RAW ensures competency and superior service when we provide you with the staff you need to complete your jobs. Our operators show up when you need them and stay until you don’t. They are available for emergency response and unscheduled call-outs. RAW’s team members abide by all relevant laws, regulations and company practices whether from a safety standpoint or an operational one. They are inherently keyed in to become your No. 1 cost-saving benefit.

Rental Equipment

RAW maintains a fleet of CSA certified Magnum MLT 3060 light plants for lease on short-term or long-term basis. We can meet your emergency needs with delivery and set-up within 3 hours or long-term use for the term of a drill-out or workover. We assure that our equipment is clean, well-maintained, inspected and pre-tested before we turn it over to you.

Services to your expectations

At RAW we pride ourselves in saying, “What you expect is only the beginning.” Often in life we find that fulfilling our needs doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve met our expectations. Sometimes our needs list is surprisingly different than our wants list. At RAW we can help tailor your needs to meet your expectations. If there is another area for which you think RAW could be of service to you that we have not offered, please mention it to us and we will attempt to work out a solution for you. Likewise, if at any time you find a need to alter your program or your procedures, RAW wants to help you work out a common solution that is agreeable to all concerned.

Services We Offer

Oilfield Consultants

    RAW provides Oilfield Consultants to monitor:
  • Drilling
  • Completion
  • Construction
  • Workover
  • Production specialists associated with swabbing, hot oil, and slickline on productions wells.

Facilities Operators

RAW provides full-time Facilities Operators who play vital roles in the day-to-day smooth operation of production facilities.

Pumpers/Lease Operators

RAW provides full-time Pumpers/Lease Operators to work in the field, monitoring equipment and procedures to ensure that the facility is operating at maximum capacity and safety, while achieving maximum sales and minimum LOE (lease operating expense).

Emergency Relief Lease Operators

RAW provides Emergency Relief Pumpers/Lease Operators who are on-call for emergencies or unscheduled call-outs as well as relief for full-time Pumpers/Lease Operators.

Well Monitors

RAW provides Well Monitors as needed to work in the field to keep wells flowing according to instructions and to report back as instructed when changes in flow are taking place.

Lease Crews

RAW provides Oilfield Maintenance Lease Crews within a 3-hour turnaround to assist with a variety of functions: new well hookups; repairs to flow lines, tank batteries, compressors, dehy units, and saltwater or oil leaks; pump jack servicing; sandblasting and painting; fiberglass and poly installation and repair; upkeep and maintenance of lease/well locations; right-of-way mowing and clearing; and hot-shot deliveries.


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Mailing Address

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Sugar Land, TX 77496